Sunday, November 21, 2010

New identity: Gradual Games

I realized that I was named several different things in different portals to the nes development world: Gradualore on nesdev and nintendoage, just myself on youtube (derek george andrews), and this blog was originally called nesgamedevelopment. So, I decided to come up with a more original name. Both my moniker, Gradualore, and our name as a developer, Gradual Games, point to our philosophy or approach to game development: gradual.

We now have a youtube channel at:

Gradual Games on Youtube

And we have an email address,

As for status on Nomolos at the moment---I just got finished refactoring how the game data is organized in PRG banks. I decided to sweep level data towards earlier PRG banks, and all re-usable or fixed data to later PRG banks. This seemed natural since UNROM requires the last bank to be fixed. I also reconfigured the game to be 256k rather than 128k. We have half the art we expect to put in the game right now and it is over half the size of 128k, so it is almost certain to go over that size. This gives us some breathing room for extra goodies like cut scenes and maybe a nice ending eventually.