Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nomolos video at MAGFest 9

A brief demo video of Nomolos was shown at MAGFest 9 this year by Assimilate creator, bigjt_2 (John White). Thanks for making that possible, John! Anyone who was at MAGFest and has found this blog, you may contact me via the comments system or email me at if you have questions about how we're making the game or when it will be released, or even constructive criticism.

Here's the video:

The project is moving along at a good pace. Ravenwolf recently completed a new set of enemies, for the firey mountain level, and I've transcribed a piece by Domenico Scarlatti to be the soundtrack for it. I also completed programming the new enemies. Programming new enemies is turning out to be a lot faster than the first few I programmed, as it turns out a few basic movement templates can be tweaked to produce wildly different behavior, which is pretty cool.

Also, a second boss is in the works. The remainder of the game has been roughly outlined, and I think it is definitely doable within a year or so. Keep checking this blog!