Sunday, August 10, 2014

New domain:

Cool news, folks! We now have and it points to this blog! Go ahead, try it! And tell your friends!

I'm gonna try to update this blog more often. Anyway, to summarize what's been going on (make sure to follow us @gradualgames on Twitter if you don't already):

Earlier in the year, we upgraded how dungeon exits are working in The Legends of Owlia. It was a lot of work, but the results really speak for themselves. Here's a before and after video:

I spent the last few months re-writing all our development tools in Python, using a GUI framework called PyQt. It was a truly awesome experience. One rarely gets the opportunity to completely re-write a large application professionally so to be able to do it as a hobby was quite an education. I was able to do a lot of things in a much nicer way this time around. Python is a much leaner language than C#, and PyQt lets you get a lot of useful controls into an application quickly without having to worry about multitudes of static details. It's just about the perfect combination for a personal productivity tool. Both the new graphics editor and level editor are around a 1/5th the size, code wise, than their C# counterparts. And, a lot faster. That's probably just because I actually know what I'm doing, now, haha.

We're also continuing to work on the Nomolos Re-release, and more news about that will be coming in a blog post, soon.