Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Free ROMs!

Dear Gradual Games fans!

We have decided to release both of our games: Nomolos: Storming the CATsle and The Legends of Owlia as free ROM downloads! You may download them here:

Nomolos: Storming the CATsle 
The Legends of Owlia

There are several reasons we are doing this.
1. It's Christmas.
2. This is a hobby of pure love and joy for us, we are not in it for money. We'd rather have more people playing our game on as many devices as possible.
3. We want to focus on our current NES title.
4. Maintaining the emulator which wraps our game has become too cumbersome, and this emulator will not be able to support our new NES game! (We're getting better at NES coding!)
When our new game is done, we're going to be putting up a KickStarter where one of the lower tiers is a ROM download, the upper tiers would be a full cartridge release. Then probably a year or so after the kickstarter we'd be releasing the rom for free just like with these titles. We want our games to go out freely into the world and be put on as many phones, hacked nes/snes classics, xboxes, wiis, pcs, powerpaks, everdrives as humanly possible!
If you wish to support us, our games are always available on cartridge at on the products page.